Oh shit, this is happening!

So I am currently sitting at Heathrow Airport, terminal 5 thinking “oh shit!”

If you look closely you can see the 3 hour wait for my flight to Split

After travelling around Sri Lanka with 3 friends for 10 days I left Colombo about 20 hours ago and am now waiting to board a flight in 3 hours to Split, Croatia. I have deliberately disconnected from the wifi to make the most of some of my time sitting in the departure lounge.

To recap on some of the stuff that I wrote in my about me page I have just quit my corporate role in Sydney, Australia and am about to link up with a Remote Year cohort (www.remoteyear.com). I will be travelling with 50 other people living in a new city, every month, for 12 months. Our first stop is Split where I am landing this afternoon and will meet all my fellow travellers.

Right now, I am tired but alert, excited and trepidatious, relaxed yet somewhat tense. I feel that a lot of travel writing can come across as a little idealistic in the way experiences are portrayed and on that note, this experience right now I can’t really say is great…

Arriving here I have had the stark realisation that I have no job, no income, no familiar networks and other than some very rough ideas, no plan forward. It’s a weird feeling to not have anything set in stone. Liberating to some degree but weird. I am not sure of exactly how this blog will pan out but as someone who has travelled a little bit, lived in a few different countries and had some awesome…and not so awesome experiences, people may enjoy reading a few of my stories.

One thing that you should know about me is I often find myself having what I call “real conversations” with people. They just kind of happen for me.

What are these “real conversations”?

They are the ones about experiences that have shaped you as a person and often you feel uncomfortable talking about. I don’t really like small talk too much, it’s pretty mundane (having said that, it is important to remember that small talk is very different to shit talk, which I love doing with friends!). What I am really interested in is hearing about about your passions and love including you in mine. To that end, I honestly believe that there are only 2 things that people need to get along. That is to be interesting and to be interested.

Who doesn’t like some patronising definitions being thrown their way…?

To be interesting – what is going on for you, what are you up to, how are you influencing the world and those around you in a positive way.

To be interested – basically each of us remembering that the world doesn’t revolve around us and making sure you are giving a shit about other people and what is happening for them.

So I guess this blog is going to be a collection of travel stories and experiences mixed with a few life lessons or moments when my points of view are challenged or changed. Dare I say, things might get deep. We are all trying to figure “it” out as we battle with our own “stuff” constantly. This battle is not uncommon, it actually unites us, but at the same time can make us feel isolated because we view our circumstances as unique rather than common, and therefore isolating rather than unifying.

With that said, I invite you to read this blog and take what you will from it.

Some of you might love or hate what I write, that’s cool just be respectful in the comments.

It would be great if you would sign up for my mailing list (which will just let you know when a new post goes up, I’m feeling maybe 1 or 2 posts a month) and please let me know what things you would like to hear about as well. (See the form below)

So yeah, holy shit, this is happening! As a good friend just said to me, “Nicky, this is the first day of the next 12 months of your life” to which I responded with “Every day is the first day of your next 12 months of your life” but I got what he was getting at!

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3 Replies to “Oh shit, this is happening!”

  1. Terrific Nicholas, I did not know what a blog was till now so you have taught me something new well done SON 😄 Xxx BB

  2. I’m so glad you clarified the small talk vs ‘shit’ talk point. What a great read! Miss you, but if you were here, you wouldn’t have all this great content to share and for me to enjoy. xx

  3. Figuring ‘it’ out can be isolating if we don’t let people in and talk about our own experiences. Totally relate to this, Nicholas, so thanks for sharing. Very much looking forward to reading about more of your experiences and what you learn. Miss you big bro!

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