Dubrovnik – Welcome to Kings Landing

So it is not often that you have a moment that really blows you away. I had one in Dubrovnik!

After a couple of weeks of organising ourselves and much anticipation we piled onto a bus (or ferry) and headed to Dubrovnik from Split. On the way down we had to pass through Bosnia and were lucky enough to get a token photo in a country that for me while growing up, was known for war and disharmony. It is incredible that in a relatively short time since the conflict we were able to freely pass through this area.

Just chillin’ in Bosnia

We re-entered Croatia and after another hour or so arrived in Dubrovnik. After quickly dropping our bags off at our accommodation walked in the direction of old town. On the way there we visited this interesting old villa which a local explained was a summer house for a wealthy family hundreds of year ago. We were also shown the chapel across the street that was part of the estate until Napoleon decided to build a road straight through the property. It was a reminder of how war has shaped this part of the world. And who am I kidding, unfortunately a reminder of how war has shaped every part of the world!

We continued towards the old town and began to see a steady increase in the number of tourists about. When we got to the gates of the old town we were part of the swarm of people entering the city.

It was at that point, while in a large crowd of people, when we entered the city, I was blown away.

When you enter Dubrovnik, you step back in time. The old town is like nothing I have ever seen before. The photos don’t do it justice! The city has been used extensively in the Game of Thrones series and once you enter the city it is easy to understand why.

The main promenade in Dubrovnik, shot from the city walls

We headed up to the city walls and began to very slowly walk around the old town. The scenery is stunning, architecture is impressive and the general vibe is something special.

Gelato is cheap and really good, I can suggest the flavour Pino Pinguino for Nutella enthusiasts. Just awesome. Along with one of my fellow travellers, we were on a steady diet of 2-3 gelatos a day.

We were entertained by “super Mario” for one lunch where we ate at his restaurant and also enjoyed many a beer on the cliffs overlooking the water.

The crew with “Super Mario” in old town

A big night out at Revelin followed by an afternoon kayaking adventure around the island of Lokrum and we had done Dubrovnik. Check out the video and you will get a good feel for the weekend!

The reflective stuff…

Although it sounds cliché, while walking around the city I couldn’t help but think about how privileged we were to be there. We are all enchanted by these places and the history they hold but the people who lived there hundreds of year ago most likely never got to leave their towns and see the world as we do today. The era that we live in and the opportunities that we have to see this stuff really hit me. Just a simple reminder to be grateful.

So just a short post this time, but I hope you like the video.

As always, hit me up in the comments and take what you will from this post!



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  1. You captured that weekend really well! One of my favorite adventures from Croatia. Smiling reading this and remembering 🙂

  2. Ah! I love this video. What a great job you’ve done at capturing just a weekend! So profesh too. It’s actually made me want to go travelling again. I’m sure Dubrovnik is very proud of this post. 😊

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