Split – Month one is done!

Time has flown! Yes, it is a total cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true!

It feels like only yesterday I was applying for Remote Year and here we are one month in. The transition into this nomadic life has gone pretty well. Maybe it is because I love to travel, maybe it is because I have travelled before. It could be that I had gotten over what I was doing prior to going away or that with technology it is so easy to feel connected with those back home (I do need to be a little better at actually getting on the phone with family though, sorry guys).

Anyway, Split. It was awesome. Being right on the sea, experiencing beautiful weather, seeing a new country and meeting locals, while at the same time getting to know this motley crew who are now my travel family was special. I mean just look at this city!!

A key factor in making this journey as awesome as it can be is absolutely the group that I will be travelling with. In a very short time we have become close and gotten to know each other well. Naturally there are those who you gravitate towards and others not so much but ultimately things are great! We are slowly learning who makes the best dinners, who are the best explorers and who are the best dancers to name a few!

Something that has astonished me is what you can do with your time when you do not have to have a large chunk of it dedicated to being in an office. Complete strangers have come together and supported each other in many ways. With the generous help of my Remote Year compatriots I have started a blog, am on the way to kicking off another website and seen Croatia. Truth be told, I probably spent more time on the latter than the former but hey, shoot me!

Enjoying some time with the locals

Our next stop is Prague where I will be attending a close friend’s wedding in the Czech mountains, visiting some Spanish friends during a side trip to Madrid and much more!

The reflective stuff

Time is flying and just when you realise how awesome something is, it is part of your past. We spend a lot of time talking about the great things we have done while at the same time having an eye on the future. Focussing on the present moment is something that will be a key thing for me going forward. It is all we got in the end!

Another thing that I recognised is that of course it feels liberating to not have to be in a certain place but what has also been freeing is recognising the fact that we all don’t need to have certain things. Travelling light is great, the regularity of washing sucks though!

Also, you never know about the vibes that you are giving off. I recently had someone come up to me and say that in exchange for some help they would give me for some business ventures I would help them be a better person. Here’s to each one of us having that experience!

Just a lazy shot of the islands of Croatia

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6 Replies to “Split – Month one is done!”

  1. Thanks for your blog Nicholas. I’m enjoying your descriptions and reflections. I hope you like Prague, the old town is magnificent.

  2. Awesome Nick! Great adventure unfoldling. Thanks for sharing and keep looking round every corner for the next surprise 😊

  3. I love reading about travelling. It’s such an amazing experience and I’m really happy that you’re enjoying it so much. Keep the posts coming.

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