How do you know these guys again? And…where are you?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had an awesome time!

After moving to Prague on Saturday the 27th of May I only had one day in the city before I took off to Madrid to see friends. I then returned to Prague for a buck’s party (bachelor party for those playing outside of Australia), and last weekend went to the wedding for said buck.

Throughout this time, friends, family and my fellow Remote Year travellers typically had no idea where I was or what I was doing. I felt this was a good place to fill you all in.

What were you doing in Madrid?

Back in 2011 I studied in Copenhagen for 6 months on a university exchange. While I was there I became friends with Alvaro. Alvaro is a legend! We stayed in touch and he let me know that he had two friends, a couple, moving to Sydney.

About a year ago, Alvaro, his girlfriend Marta, these two friends Antonio and Neguin, and I, all met in Sydney. It was such a surreal and awesome experience to meet this old friend in my city as our experiences together were all based in Europe. I also gained two great friends in the process. Antonio and Neguin ended up spending Christmas and Easter with my family to name a few. While we have joked that I have stolen them away from Alvaro, they have joked about stealing my family away from me, especially while I am travelling. At least I think it is a joke…

Anyway, Antonio and Neguin were in Madrid and it would have been rude to not visit them in Neguin’s hometown. The jury is still out on which city is better, Madrid or Barcelona. I have yet to visit Barcelona but Madrid put forward a great case for top spot. Antonio being from Barcelona has other views about this though!

Also, I ran into a friend of mine Zeyd randomly at 2am in a bar on a Wednesday night while I was in Spain. We worked together about 7 years ago and it was great to see him and his buddy who he was travelling with. Needless to say, we went from closing up shop at 2am to kicking on until stupid o’clock!

Hanging with the crew

Who’s wedding did you go to?

Again, in 2011 while studying in Copenhagen I lived in the same dormitory and became friends with Tomas from the Czech Republic, or Czechia as it is now known (don’t belive me, Czech your google maps). For those 6 months Tomas and I, along with our two other friends who lived in the dorm, Hans and Emmanuel, pretty much hung out every day, checked out the Danish sights and ate way too much pasta with pesto.

Tomas is from a town about an hour outside of Prague called Benešov. We ended up having his buck’s party just outside Benešov in the best man Filip’s village of Soběhrdy, population 369. After a weekend of debauchery, we then had the wedding the week after.

I had to pinch myself that I was in the Czech mountains for one of my university friend’s wedding. Tomas now lives in San Francisco and we get to see each other pretty infrequently so it was really nice to be there with him, The wedding took place in Malá Morávka, near the Polish border. What the hell was I doing there, it was so surreal, so crazy to comprehend and so awesome!

Malá Morávka is kinda off the beaten track…

I was able to help out a little with the preparation leading up to the day and Tomas, his wife Jana and their families were so welcoming. We enjoyed the ceremony out in a meadow, walked through the forest to get to the reception and ate, drank and danced the night away. It was an experience that I will never forget!

The last ones standing at 4:12am

The reflective stuff

Pretty simple one this time. You never know how those you meet will impact your life, the experiences you are currently having or the places you will be in the future. I had no idea that becoming friends with Alvaro and Tomas would lead me to some awesome connections, hanging out in Madrid with locals, being in the Czech countryside for a wedding or potentially see me lose my family while I am away (I have my eye on you Antonio and Neguin!).

So be good to each other guys!

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2 Replies to “How do you know these guys again? And…where are you?”

  1. Love this post and now, everytime I forget how you know Neguin and Antonio, I’ll have this to go back to. Although… I’m starting to know them as my family and forget you as my…🤔

  2. This is such a good post! I’ve been wanting to hear about this month but we haven’t had a chance to catch up really, so this was definitely a good read 😀

    And yes, Antonio and Neguin are very quickly becoming, if not already are family 😉 – Oh and I totally agree with Claudia’s comment… I now fully understand how you know Neguin and Antonio. Can’t believe it was so difficult to remember in the first place haha.

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