Prague – Month two is done

I’ll miss you Prague – my dear readers, I think you will like the story about the eggs at the end…

So, I meant to start writing this post while on a layover in Frankfurt, however I am now sitting in my friend David’s family apartment in Dublin putting it together (while listening to the cheers of thousands of girls as the Justin Bieber concert kicks off down the road. Much love to the Biebs).

In all honesty, what with writing this post and checking in with a few people when I arrived at Dublin airport, this has been the first time I have properly been on the go and keeping up with the show. It has been great!

Prague has been pretty awesome. After going on a walking tour, biking around the city and exploring the country a little it is hard not to become enamoured with it.

The impacts of World War II, the rise and fall of communism and the changing borders of this country are so very interesting. If you are wanting to read some more about an interesting dude that your history teacher wouldn’t have mentioned check out Jan Hus.

In my previous post, I mentioned how I went to my friend Tomas’s wedding out in the country. What I didn’t mention is how crazy it was to talk to people whose families were so significantly impacted by regime changes in the Czech Republic. Being from Australia we typically see things from afar. After speaking to my Czech friends and hearing their stories about how their lives changed for the better (and in some cases worse) when communism fell, it made things that I have read about and seen in the news very real.

What am I doing in Dublin? Well, I got a call from a very close friend David who was coming to Europe earlier than he anticipated. When he asked if I would like to come over to hang out in Dublin and visit his grandmother how could I say no!?

Just hanging out with Granny

This month has been huge with regards to reconnecting with friends from the past and making a few new ones on the way.

Carlos and I met playing football at a meet up group in Prague. He helped me with my Spanish and I helped him with his football…(he might argue he helped me with both but I know the truth)

Having said that, the reconnecting continues, we are now off to Spain and soon enough you will hear about the Spanish boys, much more on that in the next few posts!

The reflective stuff

Although not having an income is scary, I have no regrets. Over the last few weeks I have felt fully alive and able to explore a few things that I would have never found the time to do in Sydney. For instance, writing a blog…

As you may have picked up, I am interested in mindfulness and how we connect with each other. One example of this happened when I least expected it. We all know the drill at supermarkets and nowadays often don’t even talk to the cashier (if there is one). This is pretty awesome if you don’t speak the language but horrible in terms of human interaction.

Anyway, while I was at the supermarket checkout one day this elderly gentleman was scanning my items. He attempted to scan a carton of eggs but the scanner could not read the barcode. He attempted to enter the barcode numbers manually but after he entered a few numbers he paused, looked up at me and asked something in Czech. Obviously my Czech is a little better than a barnyard animal so we had run into an issue.

After a sigh from this man he gestured in a way that made me realise that his eyesight wasn’t what it used to be and he couldn’t read the tiny barcode numbers on the carton. Thinking fast I grabbed a black marker from his desk and wrote the numbers large enough for him to see on the back of the tag for my tomatoes. Problem solved…well kind of…

I glance up from packing my backpack with my groceries and this poor guy is looking at me with a defeated expression across his face. I look at the tomato tag and see he touched the glossy paper that I had written on and smudged the numbers. We ended up both having a laugh, I wrote the numbers again in large font on the egg carton itself, he entered in the details, we had a laugh together again, shook hands and went on with our respective days.

These seemingly innocuous things make travel awesome and are the things that I will remember fondly.

Oh and by the way, I finished writing this post back in Prague…

And now have finally published it while in Valencia…

I hope you enjoyed the read, as always, take what you will from it and soon I will be sharing more details about Spain, old friends and times in Ibiza!

5 Replies to “Prague – Month two is done”

  1. Loved the read darling. Your drone was worth getting and you are getting better and better all the time. Seems like you are enjoying everything. Take what you will from this great experience.
    Love you mum

  2. Lovely to meet you in Leitrim Ireland. It was great to have you and David. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Sheila, Damien & Danny

  3. Love your story about the old man serving you at the cash register.
    Makes you think that technology may improve the way we do things better but it does not always resolve the humanity side of issues. Good practical thinking from my favorite son

    Love you, enjoy your time.


  4. Ahhh, Darlin mou! Watching you discovering yourself and sharing the journey, is a joy. Keep sharing all these amazing adventures and connections, and the drone rocks (mum is right).
    I would love to also hear more about the obstacles and the mindset off letting go of the known to experience true “wonder”.
    You are a legend and Shaz and I love you and our friendship beyond words my brother. Till next time, i’m taking the joy of discovery and wonder from this post, and finding it in the here and now.

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