Lima, Lima, Lima…January, my 30th Birthday Month

So 2017 turned into 2018, and 29 turned into 30 soon thereafter! Hopefully you have seen my last blog about the lessons I have learnt at the age of 30, if not check it out here.

As for January…it was all about Peru!

So to cover the standard questions.

  • No, I did not go to Cusco, do the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu. I did it 3 years ago and yes, it was awesome!
  • Yes, I did eat a lot of ceviche…and loved it
  • No, I didn’t get robbed in Lima. The place is brilliant!

First thing to be said about Lima, it was fantastic to be back on the coast. Being from Sydney, I have always had the coast nearby and even if I couldn’t physically see the water simply knowing it was there had a calming effect. Looking back on the places I have been in the last year or so, this month in Lima was the first time since July (in Valencia) that I have been back near the water and boy was it welcome!

Lima, coastline, surfers…what more could you want?

The best part about being on this coast was we were able to surf at the beaches in the city! I am not a great surfer but I gave it a red hot go, ended up becoming friends with Fernando down at Makaja beach, a 10min walk from my apartment, and was shredding in no time! (By shredding I mean avoiding waves too big for me and getting up on ones I could handle)

I also wanted to do something special for my 30th birthday and saw that the longest (not the largest) wave in the world was 8 hours north of Lima in a little town called Chicama. So I assembled a crew and off we went. Overnight bus into Huanchaco, chill out on the beach for a few days in a sweet apartment and then out to the wave in Chicama on my birthday.

The crew cruising on the Chicama break with our local guide Diego . Shaka’s getting thrown out for the longest wave in the world!

First thing that I learnt as a 30-year-old was just because it is the longest wave in the world doesn’t mean that you will be able to ride it for the longest time. If you were an average surfer yesterday at the age of 29 you will most likely be the same average surfer the next day at the age of 30. I did manage to get up on the wave and in the video above, there is some average footage of an average surfer on a sweet wave. That surfer, you guessed it, is me!

I have to say a massive thankyou to Geraldine, Michelle and Ryan for everything throughout the days we were up in Huanchaco for my birthday getaway. Super chilled and a lot of fun. I can’t imagine having more fun with 3 other people dancing drunkenly in a small surf hostel until the early hours of the morning.

Geraldine, Ryan and Michelle. So much love for these legends! Great crew for my 30th!

And while we are doing public thanks, a HUGE thankyou to everyone who contributed to videos and sent messages for my 30th. I loved it! An especially big thank you must go to my sisters who put together no less than an hour and 8 min feature length film of people wishing me all the best. I loved it!

Finally, there are two things I should probably mention.

  • I landed a part time remote job where I will be working to help victims of human trafficking and slavery find remote work. The company is still being put together but definitely a great thing to be involved in
  • I went to the number 5 restaurant in the world, Central. Good but not great, definitely an experience. Was it just that my palate was not used to the different flavours? I had a similar experience at Noma (former number 1 restaurant in the world). It left a hole in my wallet but eating at a place like this every 7 years I think is ok!
Chillin’ at Central with head chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz

The reflective stuff

I had a goal for my birthday, that was to do something that I would never forget. Surfing on the longest wave in the world I think classifies as an unforgettable day. There is something to be said about achieving small goals like this in your everyday life. Often, it feels like we look back at what we have achieved, think of the big things and remember how awesome, draining or satisfying they were. These achievements can seem like grandiose feats where we really needed to strive to succeed. At times this view of the past can make it challenging to think about what we can achieve in the future, due to the effort we perceived we exerted previously for success. We can easily forget exactly what went into these successes though.

Just tickin’ of those bucket list items with these legends!

When I recently reflected on this, and really thought a bit about it,  I found that for many things, what it takes to achieve something is simply organisation and sustained commitment. And often, not much more than that.

I looked back and it felt that even for the big things it really can be boiled down to me doing the stuff I needed to do, doing it when I needed to do it, and not quavering in the face of challenges. This realisation should fuel us all to get where we need to go. Just a thought, take what you will from it.

Also, I have said this before, but your life really is made up of people and not much else. It was crazy to watch a video for over an hour with people from various stages and parts of my life. Family, friends, university, football, work. These clips were made by people all over the world who are important to me and for them to take a moment to send me a little message to wish me all the best was something that was unforgettable and seriously humbling.

So good to have locals in town. Thanks Luke and Elyse for a touch of home!

Thanks to everyone who made the month what it was especially our local contact in Lima,  Gabriel, the other Remote Year group Kublai (who were also in town), some special guests from home, Elyse and Luke, as well as everyone already mentioned in this post. It has been real!

Thanks for everything Gabriel! Looking forward to the next surf together brother!

As always, take what you will from this post and catch you next time!






2 Replies to “Lima, Lima, Lima…January, my 30th Birthday Month”

  1. Loved your blog Nicholas and the video. I do remember Lima with its polution. Looks like you had a ball there.
    Enjoy and stay safe

  2. Lima looks incredible!!! What a beautiful place to spend your 30th! Wherever you went rock climbing looked amazing! I would love to do that. It’s also very true that we forget the effort that goes into our achievements and I too reflected on all of mine this past year. Still can’t believe I made 400 cupcakes for one order!!! haha

    Annnnddd YAY!!! The videos are back!

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