So…Cold or Hot Farm?

Bogota seemed like a good time for a bit of relaxation before the final month of Remote Year in Mexico City.

It kinda did…kinda didn’t work out that way.

After arriving in town, it was time to head straight out to Anapoima. Why head out to a random town over 3 hours outside of Bogota you ask? Well, my all-American, Bud Light drinking, football loving, red-white-and-blue bleeding buddy Ryan has a surprise Colombian connection. His uncle Charlie not only loves my name due to the clip below but was born in Bogota and has a lot of family around town. They just so happened to have a couple of holiday farms (or “fincas”) that we were obliged to check out.

So after a day that involved 2 ubers, a flight, a traditional taxi (yep lets shake it up!) and a 3 hour bus ride that turned into 4 hours due to…Colombia, I arrived at the farm at about 8pm ready to meet the crew.

And what a meeting it was!! I cannot thank everyone enough for the time at the farm. The way I was welcomed was something special. We ate, drank and were merry. It was a great time!

Speaking of special, this farm was pretty impressive. You know those farms that have a pool, volleyball court, outdoor pool table under a large cabana, table tennis table, basketball ring setup, pond with a deck fully equipped with hammocks, oh and an indoor shower on the top level of the house that had no ceiling…it was one of those! Check out the video to really get what I am talking about here! This was the hot farm, the one for summer days, and it was awesome.

Just chillin’ in the pool at the hot farm…

We then made our way back to Bogota and before we knew it…it was time to head out to the cold farm. The one for winter days. Equally as amazing in different ways!

I got to spend time now with the extended family eating traditional Colombian soup, playing the traditional Colombian sport of Tejo and going for traditional Colombian walks around the grounds (these may have just been normal walks).

Hanging with the family at the “cold” farm

Again, an awesome day was had by all and on the way back home we of course had to discuss, what was our favourite? Hot farm or Cold farm? That is the question! For me it was the hot farm. With a pool and a bunch of sporting activities I couldn’t go past it.

The rest of my time in Bogota went by fairly well. I was working a bit, seeing some of the sights and did manage to chill out. The weather was not the greatest so dare I say, a few Netflix sessions were had! (I now know much more about WWII after watching a documentary series on it)

Probably one of my favourite nights of my travels thus far did happen in Bogota though. Myself and 3 of my travel companions went out to meet a true local at her house to cook some traditional food. Maria Alejandra did not speak any English and with our Spanish not the best we knew it would be an interesting evening of communication. She talked to us about the different food from various regions in Colombia, gave us details of what she was going to make for us, got us involved in the cooking and even liquored us up with some aguardiente. By the end of the night we were speaking fluent Spanglish, had talked about where we were all from, knew all about her family and just stopped short of organising a trip for her to visit Australia.

From left to right: Avanti, Rachel, Maria Alejandra, Nicole and I
The main event for the evening!

The food was excellent and the company even better! Gracias Maria Alejandra!

The reflective stuff

It is amazing to experience the kindness and openness of others at any time but especially when you are travelling. It had been a while since I had been in a truly family environment after last seeing my family in August. To the Dunns, the Ydoate’s and Ospina’s, thankyou! Muchisimas gracias! I couldn’t do much more than send you the drone footage that I took of both farms to show my appreciation, but please know that I am truly thankful for everything.

Also, you never know when a stupid idea could really take off and lead to something hilariously special. If you had told me a year ago that I would be running an aqua aerobics class with a friend of mine, for his immediate and extended family on a farm, some 3 hours outside of Bogota I would have never believed you…but believe me…it happened!

Also, I just wanted to post this photo of my friend Spencer and Mike. Mike never likes to be a photo and Spencer is never smiling nicely in one. Spencer is also the biggest troll I know. For me this photo has it all, including a big black dog!

Smiling Spencer, Mike and I

As always, take what you will from this post and see you next time!

3 Replies to “So…Cold or Hot Farm?”

  1. How incredible is the Hot farm?! Totally jealous of that stay you were able to have there. Sounds amazing! Also, on another note… I hope you intend on running aqua aerobics classes back home? It still makes me laugh so much when I see you running one of these classes and that there are so many people following your directions! Hahaha

    1. hahahah we will see about the continuation of aqua aerobics classes back home…I have always done it in a duo and will not have my partner in crime! I am sure we could figure something out though 🙂

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